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Visitor Security Management System Pilot Program
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How The System Works
Frequently Asked Questions
Help Us Evaluate This Pilot Project (coming May 1)
Nothing is more important than providing a safe, secure and high-quality learning environment for our students. We know from Superintendent Allison’s Community Conversations last fall that parents feel our schools are safe, and want them to continue to be even safer!
Beginning April 28 through May 16, 2014, four schools in our district will begin using a new visitor management system as part of a pilot project.  Southeast, Curtis, McAuliffe and Caldwell were selected by Superintendent John Allison in order to get important feedback from district parents. Two schools (Southeast and McAuliffe) will test a system called Hall Pass, and two schools (Curtis and Caldwell) will test a system called Lobby Guard. Based on feedback from parents and other school visitors, our district will select the best system and begin using it district-wide this fall.

As we strive to create an even more secure learning environment for our students, it is our hope that you will find this a welcome enhancement.

  1. Any visitor entering one of our pilot schools - who will have the opportunity to interact with students during bell hours - will be required to sign in using this system.
    • Bell hours are 7:50 a.m. to 3:20 p.m. for Southeast, Curtis and McAuliffe
    • Bell hours are 8:50 a.m. to 4:20 p.m. for Caldwell
  2. Visitors who will be required to use this system include:
    • Parents, guardians and other visitors who will volunteer in or observe classrooms or student activity areas.
    • Parents, guardians or other appropriate visitors who eat lunch with their student, who may be at school for a birthday celebration or classroom activity, or who may drive for a field trip.
    • Vendors and other community partners who have access to our building’s hallways to execute their work duties.
  3. Driver’s license or government-issued ID card will be used to check you in to the building. Name and birthdate will be instantly captured, and within seconds, you will receive a date-specific visitors ID badge to wear in school. 
  4. Visitor IDs will be scanned against national sexual offender data bases to ensure the safety and security of our school environment. This will occur in a matter of seconds.
  5. Frequent visitors may request a unique key fob ID to make check-in/check-out scanning easier on future visits.
  6. A visitor at the pilot schools will be required to check in each time they visit. That can be done using the key fob, or their drivers license/ID.
  7. Each time a visitor checks in, a custom ID badge will be provided.
  8. Should a non-authorized visitor attempt to enter the school, both school leaders and district safety personnel will be alerted.

  • Where will this system be placed?
The visitor check-in system will be set up in each school's main office. At Southeast, there will be an additional opportunity to scan in with a visitor key fob at the south entrance. Visitors to Southeast will still need to go to the main school office to get their ID badge.
  • Was there an incident that prompted you to test this system now?
Not specifically. This type of visitor management system is something the district has been considering to enhance our safe school environments. Our district is testing two systems to determine which one best meets district needs.
  • Why do I have to sign in each time?
Two reasons: (1) This allows school administrators to know who is in the building, and (2) it allows schools to quickly be able to calculate the tremendous impact our volunteers and community partners have on our students through their service in our building.
  • What are these key fobs that you’ve mentioned?
The key fob is a plastic device that frequent visitors may request in order to speed up the check-in and check-out process on future visits. Simply scan the unique key fob, your visitor ID badge will quickly print out, and you can proceed to your destination.
  • I don't see latchkey visitors included on the list of those who will be scanned. Why not?
Because of the unique security procedures already in place for latchkey (before and after school program), the pilot will not duplicate existing security procedures. Based on user feedback, the district may change this practice when the system is implemented district-wide this fall. 

  • Will I have to sign in if I’m just picking my child up for a doctor’s appointment?
Not during the test period. During this time, our pilot schools will focus on scanning those visitors who move beyond the office to interact with students or have access to the building during bell hours. Based on user feedback, the district may change this practice when the system is implemented district-wide this fall.
  • What will you do with my information?
Visitor information will not be sold or otherwise made available to ANY THIRD PARTY. Both systems being piloted will maintain all records on their system, and authorized district administrators have access to data to prepare summary reports, including number of volunteers hours served in our schools.
  • Why are you only scanning during the day?
We made the decision to scan during bell hours to have a manageable evaluation period. Based on user feedback, this practice may change when the system is implemented district-wide this fall.
  • What if I don’t have a driver’s license/government ID?
We will hand-enter your information into the system.

  • What databases will you scan?
The scan will quickly review (within 10 seconds) registered sexual offender databases from all 50 states.

  • Who will see what is scanned?
This information will be available to authorized administrators.
  • Why was my school selected?
Superintendent Allison requested Caldwell, Curtis and Southeast for this project since all three schools are located nearby one another, thus providing parents with students at multiple schools to experience the pilot project and provide feedback. Christa McAuliffe was also included as a Southeast feeder school.
  • When will district-wide implementation begin?  
A specific implementation plan will be developed following the conclusion of the pilot program and the collection of user feedback. It is the district’s intention to implement the system district-wide in the fall.
  • Will everyone be scanned?
During the pilot period, the following will NOT be scanned:
Those on a student’s official information form who arrive to drop off or pick up a student (doctor’s appt, illness,
  etc), and who are not going beyond the school office.
          - Latchkey parents or others who bring students for early or late practices or activities.
          - Visitors attending an event outside of bell times.
          - Meetings that occur outside of bell time.
          - Vendors who come to the school for a specific delivery purpose, who don’t have access to students, and who                     immediately depart the campus.  
          - District employees wearing a USD259 ID badge.
          - Commissioned public safety officials who present an appropriate badge.
  • What kind of feedback do you want from me during this test period?
Beginning May 1, parents and other visitors to these four schools can provide feedback online, which will be available through each of the four school's web sites. Each school will also have copies of this survey in their school office.
  • Who can I talk to for more information?
Please see the principal at one of our four pilot schools - Southeast, Curtis, McAuliffe and Caldwell - if you have questions, concerns or ideas for consideration during the pilot evaluation.

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